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celebrities:: Jackson Rathbone, Ashley Greene, Anna Paquin, Marion Cotillard, Deborah Ann Woll, Mila Kunis, Bang Sung Joon, Nishikido Ryo, Hyun Bin, Kamenashi Kazuya, Tegoshi Yuya
music:: B1A4, 2PM, INFINITEIU
tv shows:: Doctor Who, True Blood, White Christmas, BBC`s Sherlock, Supernatural
anime:: Death Note

Now I don't know what to do, I don't know what to do when she makes me sad.Collapse )
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As you might have noticed, I haven't been very active for about the past 5 months ( it's almost half year! ). Okay, not very active but tottaly passive. I can say that is my fault in one way, but in other my computer was broken again and all my resourses and of course photoshop was deleted. I'm very happy now, I got trial version of CS4 so, I'll try to do very much as I can icons for you because I have heard that you miss my works. ^^ Wish me a good luck for next month, because it will be hard.;D In this (and I think in all other) post icons won't be very good (hehe, this icons remind me old times) because I almost forget how to work with ps but I will try to do my best... I hope. :)

CELEBS: Kaya Scodelario [2012 May 2 in South Korea] and Kim Soo Hyun [for J.ESTINA], Jared Leto [by Terry Richardson 2012 June 27], Ed Westwick [by Terry Richardson at his studio 2012 June 7], Kristen Stewart [Interview Magazine JuneJuly 2012 w/Charlize Theron and at the LA SWATH Screening]Emma Watson [by Thomas Iannaccone], , Mnet 20's Choice Awards [2012.06.28 WooyoungSuJu (ShindongDonghaeLeeteuk and Eunhyuk), Kim Hyun SooLee Je HoonSuzy]
MUSIC: SHINee [SMTOWN "I Am" Movie Showcase June 27, Elle Girl Korea, before Music Bank June 29, Incheon Airport June 29], Lana Del Rey [El Rey Mugshot]
TV: The Vampire Diaries [3.22 "The Departed" - screencaps@tvd_fans by randomuser937], Teen Wolf [2.07 "Restraint" - episode stills]

+++BONUS+++: Eunhyuk PSD!

Why I am bad, because I'm better than you? Because I'm different... I'm not the same?Collapse )

Some rules if you want get the this coloring:
ϟ Just ask and I will send you .psd link ^^
ϟ You have to be member of this community :P
ϟ Please, don't comment only for get file :)
ϟ Don't claim as yours x_x
ღ I'm sorry if any of the point you don't like. I like them and I won't change it ;)

Have a great day my dears! ^^ <333
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03 August 2011 @ 07:00 pm

Hello my friends. (: This community for members only !
I lock my all entries after 3 days since I've posted them so, make sure
you're joined at this community ;)
Also you can find my old job in bitche journal. 
You always can friend me and write, because I ♥ friends. 
I will try to post new icons monthly and not to disappoint you ^^ 
P.S. Maybe somebody wanna be mod of this comm and post pics with me? 
Yes, I know my English not exellent but I still love you no matter
who you are and what you think about me ♥
[OFF TOPIC] Fallow your dreams no matter what!!!
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Thanks for watching 
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